Here's what people are saying about the book:

“As the mom of a 2014 cadet I ordered the book thinking ‘not that I need it, but just gotta have it.’  I was wrong! It is an invaluable source of information for any WP mom (even those of us who are half-way through). This book is written as a conversation and takes one through an assortment of emotions. I laughed, cried, and had a few light bulb moments too. I wish I’d had it from the beginning, but am glad I have it now. Thanks Lisa and Debbie for this, it’s clearly a labor of love for both of you.” — Maxine Oberle, mom of 2014 cadet

“To say it is a 'must-read' is an understatement. It’s a survival guide and, at the same time, an entertaining, lighthearted read. Do not send your offspring to West Point without reading it.” — K.B., mom of 2013 cadet

“Thanks Lisa Browne Joiner & Debbie Wright Roszel for a great read . . . [even for] a mom of a rising Firstie.” — E. Degener, mom of 2013 cadet

“My husband bought this book for me while he was at West Point on R-Day. I was not able to attend. I wish I’d had it before my son left for WP. MANY THANKS to Lisa and Debbie for taking the time to put this together to help us understand what our New Cadets are experiencing. I loved it. I am re-reading and highlighting some pages, special notes, events, attractions. You even give suggestions on how to locate our New Cadets after the A-Day parade and ceremony. The way you explained the class ranks (by chapter) and their required leadership training helps us moms to get a better understanding of how to support and encourage our sons and daughters through these 47 months. This is definitely a must-have for all new moms at West Point. One last thing you should know: my husband asked if he could read it when I’m done. He saw how informed I was! Thanks again for sharing, ladies. I recommend it to all moms (and dads)!!!” — Sonia Zuniga, mom of 2016 cadet

“Received my book yesterday and read it cover to cover (what else to do when it's 105 degrees?!) - It is wonderful! What a gift to all of us Mommas, present and future. The girlfriend chapter was especially good - I don't have to deal with that yet, but when I do, I'm going to re-read that chapter. Great reminder to have GRACE when that time comes. Thanks. My younger son has two friends applying this year for Class of 2017 and if they accept, I'm buying the book for their Mommas the same day!” — Karen Becky Weber, mom of 2015 cadet

“I am so glad to have met you and to have devoured your book during the flight home. Thank you for taking the time to pull all of that knowledge together; it was very helpful. Writing is so hardto create words and sentences for hundreds of pages. Thank you for your efforts! Here is hoping for a sequel!” — Dr. Tracey Perez Koehlmoos, mother of 2016 cadet

“I bought one and read it on the way home from R-day . . . Thank you for sharing this information.” — Dawn Jolly, mom of 2016 cadet

“Love 'The Mom's Guide'...half way through it already!!!” — Sue Shepherd, mom of 2016 cadet

“I received mine in Frisco, Colorado! Had a chance to read through Chapter Eleven. I have laughed out loud and also teared up throughout my reading thus far! Thank you so much Lisa Browne Joiner and Debbie Wright Roszel!” — Karen Vanderkooi, mom of 2015 cadet

“Got mine in So Cal, too! Already halfway through and I love it!!” — Nicole Klevens, mom of 2016 cadet

“Received our copy Monday and am about half through it. Lotsa time on my hands since Tropical Storm Debbie is keeping me inside! Oh yes, after mentioning some of the topics/content to him, my hubby is anxious to read it, too.” — Joan Jones, mom of 2014 cadet

“I received my book Friday and finished it on Saturday! Priceless for all
West Point moms. It is informative and honest without being preachy. I cried
and laughed just like my roller coaster ride through West Point so far :)” — Debbie Wacker, mom of 2014 cadet

And a follow-up: “Just finished reading The Mom's Guide to Surviving West Point. This should be required reading for all new WP moms! It is so informative and honest. I have to add that I laughed out loud when I read about LOO :)” — Debbie Wacker, mom of 2014 cadet

“This is an extremely valuable resource for moms, and families, sending a child to the United States Military Academy. From buying boots before arrival, to graduation day, it's in here. Informative, friendly, and supportive, I wish I'd had this resource 2 years ago when my oldest son left for R Day! We're halfway through our 47 month roller coaster ride, and this book will help me get the rest of the way.” — Barbara Knepper, mom of 2014 cadet

“I LOVE IT!!!!!!” — AJ Levin Flanagan, West Point Mom

“This is the book I wish I had had when my son entered USMA in 2009.  A lot of ‘mom’ information mixed with a little humor would have gone a long way to make my first year as a West Point mom smoother!” — Claire Clark, mom of 2013 Cadet

“It’s a journey … and we are all in this together!” — C.S.M., mom of 2012 graduate

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